This is Fido, your family dog, again. When I wrote you previously, I mentioned Green Garden Landscaping’s exceptional lawn services. It’s important to note that besides Raleigh and Sanford, Green Garden Landscaping also offers lawn care in Apex. These lawn maintenance professionals have a residential or commercial lawn care package for you. I’ll review these plans for you now and in the following posts. Between them, I know they have the right plan for this lawn.

In terms of our lawn maintenance, let me suggest that you “Go For The Gold.” These lawn care services include everything you need to have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Gold Lawn Maintenance Package – Best

This package provides you with a complete lawn maintenance solution to keep your lawn in the best shape possible. The gold package includes:

  1. Lawn Mowing
  2. Weed Eating
  3. Yard Blowing
  4. Weed Control
  5. Shrub Pruning (twice a season)
  6. Lawn Aeration
  7. Ray, Winter or Fescue Seed
  8. Pre-emergent Application
  9. Mulch or Pine Straw Application

Now I just may be a dog but even I can tell you that there’s not much else to do in the yard once you have all that finished. In fact, Green Garden Landscaping, LLC will do practically everything but clean up my dog droppings. I couldn’t quite get them to agree to do that. None the less, Green Garden Landscape is the lawn care and landscaping company for you. If the Gold Lawn Maintenance Package is not for you, there are more choices available here.