Our services are tailor made to make your house the best looking once the pine straw installation is complete.The rich color of pine straw is sure to bring some radiance

to your flowers beds due to its auburn hue. The finish after use of pine straw is vibrant and bound to be eye catching once the installation is complete. The main advantage of the pine straw is that apart from beautifying your landscape, it also acts as good weed prevention.

In order to make your beds nice and keep your lawn looking good, our team prepares it using the required method to ensure that it protects your lawn through:

  • Prevention of evaporation of water from the soil
  • Prevention of soil erosion and compaction
  • Reduction of growth of weeds
  •  Protection of plants against freezing conditions
  •  Keeping the soil around the plant in stable
    temperature conditions
  •  Improving soil structure as the pine straw
  •  Protection of new plants with shallow roots.

Professional Application of pine Straw Installation

It is recommended that pine straw is applied to your landscape annually or once a year. This is what we recommend whenever we visit the area where you need a lawn to be prepared. The following are the methods that we normally use.

  • Evenly distribute the pine straw all through the lawn.
  • Plan a depth of up to 3 inches as you distribute it over the area in order to create a cushion that will make the playground safe.
  • Add inch annually for decorative purposes.
  • The primary aim of adding on  pine straw is so that weed growth can be prevented and improve the general look of the ground cover.
  • For areas where there are walkways or benches where children usually step on, we increase the mulch to 6 inches.
  • When applying the pine straw, we ensure that you leave about 2 to 3 inches of space away from the base of a tree trunk or shrub. This discourages rodents from gobbling the tree trunk.

When pine straws begin to break down, they normally acidify the soil. Therefore, they are suitable for plants that augur well with acidic soil. Examples of such plants are; hydrangeas, camellias, holly azaleas, fuchsias, ferns, dogwoods, gardenias, magnolias, fuchsias, and evergreens.

Once our company has completed the pine straw installation, we ensure that we do follow-up so as to ensure that your playground remains looking good all through the year. By so doing, you are assured that your lawn will look beautiful.

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