How much is your time worth? Here at Green Garden Landscaping in Sanford believe your time is too valuable to be spent mowing your lawn, pulling weeds, and trimming the hedges. We offer a free quote and many pick and choose packages for you to specialize our lawn care and landscaping services to fit what you need, not what we want to do.

For example, maybe pulling weeds is fun for you. Have at it. You can choose services that still allow you to do the lawn maintenance tasks you enjoy or have time for and let us take the rest. This gives you more time in your day to do the things nobody else can do for you. We love lawn maintenance and landscaping. They are our pride and passion. We live for making your property green and colorful. It is what defines us. If your love of lawn and landscape is less than that, let us help by giving you your time back. We are residents of the piedmont and coastal plains too. We live and breathe this stuff.

Additionally, if you are a business owner, we will create a landscape that is colorful and professional, while keeping the cost down for you. If you are a property manager, we know that the key to maintaining your grounds is consistent care. You can depend on us to keep our fingers on the pulse of your properties and use preventive lawn maintenance techniques to snip issues in the bud before they become a problem.

Visit our site or call us at (919) 478-1852 to schedule a free quote. You have nothing to lose and a lot of time to gain.