This is your dog writing you about all the chemicals in the back yard. I thought this would be a good time to discuss it since it’s winter and there aren’t as many pressing lawn maintenance needs as there are in the summer. The lawn care professionals at Green Garden Landscaping in Sanford, asked me to write you about this growing lawn care concern in Raleigh. The lawn has been coughing and wheezing lately and it’s starting to worry me. In fact, it is so bad that the lawn doesn’t even seem to mind when I do my business on him. Neither Business One nor Business Two even seem to faze him anymore.

He just mopes around, kind of lifeless now, mumbling something about how he used to be somebody. I don’t know, I’m telling you though, it’s serious this time. It seems that every time he’s had an issue, he bounced back when you gave him some chemicals to make him feel better. During the crabgrass outbreak of 2011, there were times the looked like he was outnumbered like 2-to-1. It didn’t start as a serious issue, but every time there was a little opening somewhere, the crabgrass would take root there. Yet, after you gave him a little of the juice he filled in ok where the crabgrass used to flourish. By the way, he tried to blame that whole thing on me doing my Business on him and killing parts of his grass. It used to be a little bit of a sore-spot between us, but we’re past it now.

Then there was the dandelion plague of 2012. Those things were tough because they go to seed and multiply like bunnies. Or worse, cats. Anyway, he recovered from that with a little help from the chemicals. But now, it seems as though those treatments and the other ones like them, have taken their toll on the lawn. Although he is still able to grow green, there are gaps where the soil isn’t as rich anymore.

From talking to the neighborhood pack, their owners started planning for an organic lawn in the late winter. Which is where we are right now, so I urge you to get with your lawn maintenance expert at Green Garden Landscaping for some guidance. They are knowledgeable and professional about all matters that deal with lawn care.