Winter fertilization for your lawn

It is finally here! Winter came and all the shopping and family gatherings have left you with no time to take care of your lawn.  It will be awesome to show off a beautiful landscape design or maybe just a leaf clean up. Right? Too late? No worries!

The neighbors can still appreciate a lush green lawn in the Spring!

Let’s start right now with the feed.

First, We will conduct a soil test  to determine the kind of nutrients that are deficient in the soil. Green Garden Landscaping trained technicians can determine what kind of winter fertilizer you need. That could even include Weed prevention, fertilizer for the roots or Slow release fertilizer between others.

You won’t  see immediate results from this Lawn Fertilizer application but the root system will be strong for the new growth in Spring and  We are sure your Sanford, NC neighbors will notice.

If you have warm season Lawn, probably the grass is dormant at this time, But you can apply Pre emergent in the lawn, Is not Lawn fertilizer but that will help to prevent weed germination in the lawn.