The most important things to remember in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn in Aberdeen, NC are to apply the right products in the right amounts at the right times. Green Garden Landscaping can help with all three.

We have the right products to feed your lawn, control and prevent weeds, and prepare your lawn for Summer.

It doesn’t matter what kind of grass we have.

We all in Aberdeen want a beautiful, lush and Green lawn.

Lawns need regular fertilizing to maintain a vigorous bright green appearance,

remain healthy and resist insects, weeds, and diseases. But not just any fertilizer applied at any old time will do. Lawn fertilizer needs to contain the right balance of nutrients applied in the right quantities at the right time of year. Done improperly,

fertilizing can burn the lawn and/or make worse some of the pest problems you were trying to solve.

Lawn grasses need both macronutrients and micronutrients for healthy growth, although not all are commonly found in lawn fertilizers.

Some nutrients are already present in the soil in sufficient amounts for healthy growth.

Nitrogen (N) is the most important element in lawn fertilizers and is needed by lawn grasses in much higher amounts than any other nutrient. Nitrogen promotes healthy, green growth and a vigorous, dense turf. Without it, your Aberdeen, NC lawn will turn yellow, thin out and be invaded by weeds.

Nitrogen fertilizers come in two basic forms – fast-release and slow-release. Most lawn fertilizers include a mix of fast-release and slow-release forms to provide quick green-up and sustained growth.

Fast-release nitrogen (often referred to as water-soluble nitrogen or WSN) such as urea and ammonium sulfate, is readily available and absorbed quickly by the grass, resulting in fast green-up. Unfortunately, it can also burn your lawn if applied improperly, and can leach through the lawns root zone or run off the lawn in heavy rain, causing pollution.

Slow-release nitrogen (often referred to as WIN or water-insoluble nitrogen), such as sulfur-coated urea, methylene urea, and animal manures, are released more slowly to the grass and provide more sustained, even growth – up to 3 months for methylene urea.

We at Green Garden Landscaping in Aberdeen, have a comprehensive program for Weed Control and Fertilizer. Contact us for a free estimate.