These days, the world is moving faster than ever. We can access enormous amounts of information on our phones. We can connect to someone on the other side of the planet with the push of a button. But sometimes, with all this speed, we forget what’s right in our own backyards. There’s times where we sacrifice community for convenience, and what we really need to do is stop to smell the roses.

We believe that one of the best ways to strengthen our lives and the bonds between us is to do business locally whenever possible. If you’re in the market for landscaping in Sanford, you could always go with one of the big companies…but why would you want to? You’d have to deal with a huge corporation, wait on hold forever to talk to someone that doesn’t even live locally, and deal with pushy salespeople who only care about a sale. That’s not who we are. We’re Green Garden Landscape. We service Sanford and we’re part of Sanford.

We’re a dedicated team that lives in the area. That means we’re experts in the turf, tree, shrub and insect issues local to Sanford. That also means that we know the specific problems here and we know how to solve them quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, we want your complete satisfaction on every job. We know if you’re not happy, you’ll tell your neighbors, but we want your neighbors to become our clients too. So if you want regular maintenance or just lawn mowing from time to time, contact us today for a free and speedy quote.