For Sanford locals, it’s no surprise to find Fire Ant mounds in the yard.

But, if you’re a newcomer this reddish invader can make your life miserable.

During the spring and summer, winged males and females leave the mound and mate in the air. After mating, females will form their own nests. They may fly as far as 10 miles from the parent colony, although most queens descend to the ground within much shorter distances. Only a few of queens survive after landing. Most queens are killed by foraging ants, especially other fire ants. If a queen survives, she sheds her wings, burrows into the ground, and lays eggs to begin a new colony. In the late fall, many small colonies of fire ants will appear. Many of the colonies will not survive the winter unless the weather is mild.

Fire ants in established turfgrass are considered serious nuisance pests due to formed mounds interfering with ball play on golf courses, damaging equipment and are unsightly in home lawns. Additionally, when encountered by humans, pets, livestock and other animals, their stings can cause serious pain and injury.

Fire ant colonies consist of three adult types: winged males, reproductive (females) and worker ants. Winged males and reproductive start to fly when temperatures are between 70-95°F (spring and fall) and mate in flight.

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