Tall Fescue Fertilizer and Weed Control Program

The most important things to remember in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn are to apply the right products in the right amounts at the right times. Green Garden Landscaping can help with all three. We have the right products to feed your lawn, control and prevent weeds, and prepare your lawn for winter. The program listed below will provide some of the essential elements that your lawn requires in a season to grow healthy. 20140822_123839

  • Soil Testing: We recommend scheduling a soil test at this time to check the soil pH.
  • Late Winter Season: Fescue pre-emergent application plus fertilizer. This application will help to prevent the germination of weeds suck a annual weed and crabgrass
  • Early Spring Season: slow release fertilizer for Fescue lawn. This app will feed the lawn and prevent the germination of weed seeds
  • Summer Season: This application will help to prevents stress and adds iron for good green color.
  • Late Summer: This round is for Fertilizer and Weed Control Application
  • Fall Season: Starter fertilizer to promote root growth.
  • Early Winter: Fertilization application for maintain the grass steady grow. Also has Pre-emergent for weeds.
  • Winter Season: This application provide slow release nitrogen to maintain steady growth.

Note: Due to its unique needs, fescue lawns and cool season grasses require some variations in this turf management program