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Whether you need commercial or emergency snow removal services, please contact Green Garden Landscaping LLC

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Commercial snow plowing is performed every three inches of snow out of the sky; this does not cover drifts or snow placed on the driveway bsnow-remoal-2y town plows or sidewalk plows.  Snow drifts and snow placed on the driveway by a town plow can be removed by request for a fee of $ 35.00 + tax.  Our Company is also available for special request plowing under 3 inches of snow covered in a Commercial snow contract.

Parking Lots are traditionally cleared out by 7:00am and 5:00pm in the evening.  The company is available via phone 24 hours a day,  7 days a week any time there is a snow or ice event in case of an emergency. we stake out your driveway Or parking lot so we can see where your driveway ends in a snow event.  We also cover any lawn repair caused by the plow free of charge if you call before April 1 st, the end of the season. Green Garden Landscaping is not responsible for any damage caused to the pavement because every driveways pavement is in different condition and it is not possible to see the pavement condition under the snow.

Our Sanford Snow & Ice Removal Team

  • Fleet of 4×4 trucks and duallies capable of maneuvering through the ice and snow to be there when you need us most.
    Each truck is equipped with plows, spreaders and ice melt.
    Our team of laborers will shovel snow from walkways and apply ice melt in no time.
  • The Green Garden team uses safe, fast-acting and effective products on concrete walkways, driveways and asphalt parking lots to get rid of ice and keep it from forming. Our ice melt that is safe for use on plants and grass, as well as outdoor hard surfaces.

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Green Garden Landscaping LLC has provided reliable and time-sensitive commercial snow plowing and snow removal services to Sanford and Cameron NC commercial businesses. Our ISO certified systems provide a safe environment during winter weather events.


Our dependable team of full-time, year round are available 24/7. We provide 24-hour snow removal and ice management services for commerical and industrial properties in Sanford NC, Cameron NC and the surrounding areas.


Our snow removal equipment has state of the art computer technology installed to track weather conditions up to the second. We also use satellite weather services to provide the most efficient services necessary to keep residents and customers safe.

Snow Plowing- Salting-Snow Removal - Sanford, NC

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